Stanisław Załęski 1843-1908

He was born on 11 September 1843 in Kraków. After joining the Order in 1857 in Baumgartenberg, he studied philosophy in Stara Wieś (1861-64), and theology in Kraków (1867-69), and engaged in private studies of Polish history. In 1864, he became a professor of Polish literature, and in 1869, of the Latin language in Tarnopol. Then, he began writing his first books. Ordained in 1870 in Lviv, he contributed to Przegląd Lwowski (1871-74 and 1876-79), and conducted archival research in France (1875-76). After returning, he became a professor of Polish literature and history in Tarnopol (1879-81). In 1881, he settled in Kraków as a preacher and writer. He contributed to “Misje Katolickie” and “Przegląd Powszechny”, leading retreats for the intelligentsia of Galicia, Silesia and Poznań. Superior of the St. Barbara House in Kraków (1885-92), he revived the Sodality of Our Lady movement, and in 1886, organised the first retreat for university students. While holding the office of the Superior in Nowy Sącz, he rebuilt the Superior’s residence after the 1894 fire. In 1895, he returned to Kraków, but, having been ousted by Bishop Jan Puzyna, he moved to Stanisławów. In the years 1894-95, he conducted research in the Central Archives of the Jesuit Order and the Vatican Archives, following which he studied in Nowy Sącz the earliest Jesuit books in Poland and engaged in polemics with the socialists. Being the Superior in Lviv (1899-1902), from 1902 he worked mainly in Nowy Sącz, but he also led numerous retreats in Galicia and Poznań, and took care of many sodalities. He authored several dozen historical works of various value: Czy jezuici zgubili Polskę? (Are Jesuits Responsible for Poland’s Demise) 1872; Historia zniesienia zakonu jezuitów i jego zachowanie na Białej Rusi (The History of the Suppression of the Jesuit Order and its Survival in White Ruthenia) (1874-1875); O masonii w Polsce od roku 1742 do 1822 na źródłach wyłącznie masońskich (About Freemasonry in Poland from 1742 to 1822 Based on Freemason Sources Only), 1889). His best-known publication: Jezuici w Polsce (Jesuits in Poland) (5 volumes, 1900-06).


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