Leszek Gembarzewski 1899-1944

Born in Warsaw on the 28th of August, 1899. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw; later he also completed postgraduate studies in Paris. In October 1919 he co-founded the Academic Association of National Unity (later the Organization of National Conservative Youth). In 1920 he joined the Polish Army as a volunteer and was assigned to the French Military Mission to Poland. In 1922-1924 he was the vice-chairman of the academic Association for Polish-French Friendship, and in 1924-1925 he served as the attaché to the legal counsel of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. From 1929, he held the post of legal officer in the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for two years. He also took part in the works of the Monarchist Organization and Monarchist All-Estate Organization (from May 1928 on, in the capacity of the secretary of its Warsaw branch). In 1937 he unsuccessfully tried officially to register a society called Monarchists’ Union and King Bolesław I the Brave Club. Among the papers in whose columns he published his works – including articles propagating monarchist ideas – there were the following titles: Pro Patria, “Herold”, “Myśl Narodowa”, “Gazeta Warszawska”, “Warszawski Dziennik Narodowy”, “ABC”, “Liberum Veto”, “Nasza Przyszłość”, “Słowo”, “Nowe Państwo”, and “Droga”. From 1931 to January 1936, he was the main contributor to the ‘Głos Monarchisty’ monthly. His output comprises several hundred articles and the pamphlets entitled Monarchia i nacjonalizm (1925), and Monarchia narodowa jako hasło XX-go wieku (1934). Gembarzewski also worked out a draft of constitution. He died in unexplained circumstances during the Warsaw Uprising, after the 1st of August, 1944.


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