Jan Parandowski 1895-1978

B. May 11, 1895, Lvov, studied classical philology and archaeology at the Lvov University. 1945-48 he lectured at the Lublin Catholic University (KUL), initially as head of the faculty of classical culture, then comparative literature. His main area of interest was the classical Greco-Roman culture; essayist and translator, he translated Odyssey into prose, as well as works by Longos, Einhard, Caesar and Theofilactus Simocatta. He wrote the works on communism Bolszewizm i bolszewicy w Rosji (Bolshevism and Bolsheviks in Russia, Warszawa 1920) and Radykalizm dążeń bolszewickich (“Radicalism of Bolshevik Aims”, 1920), as well as several major and popular books: Rzym czarodziejski (“Magic Rome”, 1924), Eros na Olimpie (“Eros on the Olympus”, 1924), Wierzenia i podania Greków i Rzymian (“Beliefs and Legends of Greeks and Romans”, 1924), Król życia (“The King of Life”, 1930), Dysk olimpijski (“The Olympic Discus”, 1933), Trzy znaki zodiaku (“Three Signs of the Zodiac”, 1938), Alchemia słowa (“Word Alchemy”, 1951), Z antycznego świata (“From the World of Antiquity”, 1958), Podróże literackie (“Literary Travels”, 1958). D. Sep. 26, 1978, Warsaw.


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