Paweł Popiel 1807-1892

B. July 21, 1807, Cracow. After the collapse of the rising of 1830, during which he started working with Stanisław and Leon Rzewuski, with whom he was to lay the foundations for the development of Polish conservative thought, he moved to Cracow, where he took charge of the administration of properties owned by his mother and wife. In 1833, with A. Z. Helcel, A. Wielopolski, and K. Świdziński, he wrote the “Memorandum to the Three Royal Houses in Defence of the Jagiellonian University”. In 1835-36 he contributed with Helcel and Wielopolski to Kwartalnik Naukowy. He criticized the rising and rabacja of 1846. He was opposed to the disturbances during the Springtime of Nations. In the autumn of 1848 he was among the founders of the Czas daily in Cracow and its first editor. In the autumn of 1864 Popiel condemned the rising, calling for reconciliation with Austria. His works include: Józef Gołuchowski (1860), Antoni Zygmunt Helcel (1862), Kilka słów z powodu odezwy X. Adama Sapiehy (“A Few Words Inspired by the Proclamation of Prince Adam Sapieha”, 1864), Austrya monarchia federalna (“Austria: A Federal Monarchy”, 1866), Do moich wyborców (“To My Voters”, 1876), Między Rosją a Niemcami (“Between Russia and Germany”, 1887), Pamiętniki 1807-1892 (“Diaries 1807-1892”, published posthumously 1927). His writings were collected in a two-volume edition of 1893. D. (1892), Cracow, buried in Ruszcza, his estate near Cracow.


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